Sadie and Nette, my vomiting kitties

After having raised and eaten many a farm-animal pet, I’ve always viewed animals as more of a source of food than a vehicle for companionship and amusement.

But once I moved to Chicago, the idea of having a cute kitty cat started to creep into my thoughts. Apparently once something enters your thoughts, the wheels of the universe start turning to make it happen. (Exception: Prince Charming)

One day in August a couple years ago, I was walking home from work and ran into my neighbor Battlestar Man, who was just walking out of his Diesel store (he was the manager) to head home as well. We walked the remaining six blocks together, and he told me he was meeting up with Joel (another neighbor I knew) and Kelly (a neighbor I didn’t know) at a casual Thai place for dinner. Kellie was taking the two of them out as a “thank you” for watching her two cats while she’d been in Egypt.

I didn’t have other plans, and Thai sounded good, so I tagged along. Little did I know I’d be coming home with a long-term lease on two cats.

Conversation at dinner was fascinating. Kelly is very artistic — both her mind, and her lifestyle. She’d spent probably 6 months in Paris bumming around, then came back to Chicago, then started dating an adventure-travel guide named Bruno, then went to Egypt for a few weeks with him. Now they’d decided to move in together in Chicago, and he was severely allergic to her cats. Clearly they would have to find a new home.

I mentioned that I’d been thinking about getting a cat, so after dinner we popped back over to our building and I accompanied her to her studio apartment on the 12th floor to meet them for the first time.

Kelly (nickname: Mother of my Cats) got Sadie and Nette from her aunt, and now they were 5-year old littermates who were rather apathetic about each other. Laid-back Sadie came out to greet me, but sourpuss Nette hid out the whole time. Oh well, at least she didn’t bite.

I said yes. She said she’d bring them over in two weeks.

Kelly was already sniffling when she brought the litterbox to the door that day. We went upstairs to grab the other paraphernalia, and then the cats on one last trip. As a final goodbye, she took each one in the bathroom to sit on the toilet and brush them (her normal routine). And she parted ways with them, in tears.

Nette hissed at me for at least 5 days. And she continues to hiss at any man that enters my abode. But she’s definitely the more human of the two and just can’t bear not to be on my lap when I’m at my computer, on my head when I’m on the couch, and in the bathroom when I’m taking a shower. I had to get a doorstop for my bedroom door, as every morning around 5:30 she sticks her little paw under the door to rattle it, then bawls like she’s in peril.


Sadie is definitely your typical cat. Likes to be held only on her terms, but insists on sitting on my chest while I’m on the couch, drooling like a baby.


I’ve grown very fond of these little critters, and though Kelly is still their official mother, it’s looking unlikely that she will swoop in one day to reclaim them (though that’s our arrangement). Kelly now lives in New York, but on the two trips she makes to Chicago a year, she comes by to see them. The visit consists of 10 minutes of small talk, then the brushing on the toilet ritual with each.

My main complaint is the vomit. My friend Annette has had cats for years, and it seemed she was always cleaning up nasty barf. And she wasn’t talking about hair balls, either.

Probably once a week I find a nice fresh pile of freshly eaten cat food in a moist pile somewhere in my house. If I’m lucky, it’s on the wood floors. If I’m not so lucky, it’s on my white couch. And if I’m REALLY unlucky, it’s on my bed. Eeew.

But even worse, I’ve discovered that there are many piles that I never even find, as they puke while I’m at work eat and it back up before I get home.

Seriously, the things we tolerate for critters.


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    Kelly, the mother of Lori's cats said,

    I was laughing so hard when i read this…especially the hidden vomit portion of the story. Although, that is a new trick they have learned, thankfully, I had never expereinced that.

    I do miss my little kitties but am happy to read that they are well tended to and are keeping you warm and snuggly. They are the sweetest cats ever, except for Nette every now and then can get a little pissy, she NEVER was a fan of men!

    The brushing in the bathroom, for clarification, Sadie stays in the tub to get brushed because her short hair flys EVERYWHERE! At least in the tub the hair is contained and easy to wipe off the walls. As for Nette, well she just NEVER would let me out of her site and would even join me in the bathroom, laying there in her princess fashion and just stare at me. I figured was the perfect time to get her to brush her, multitasking at its finest.

    Oh how I miss them so. I hope to visit soon. Until then, please do give them a hug from me.

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