Jenn’s birthday

Today is Jenn’s 29th birthday (for the 7th time). So last night three of us got together for a celebration/therapy session.

The plan was to meet at Anita’s at 8:00, and then go to Cornelia’s (local French country-inspired restaurant/piano bar, where they know Anita well). At 8:05 I was having a wardrobe crisis. 30 minutes, 5 outfits and 10 text messages later, I hopped in a cab. (As if it really mattered what I wore, considering that no more than 10 people saw me, and half were gay men.)

Most of the conversation centered around dating — or lack thereof, in some cases. Anita has a new love interest who she met at Underground a couple weeks ago. She digs him. He made here a “mix CD”. He doesn’t yet know that she’s harboring her ex in her basement.

After about 45 minutes of chatter, we headed out into the snowy night.

At Anita’s house

Edie (blonde owner of the establishment originally from Holland) greeted Anita and Jenn with hugs, and I was introduced. We said hi to the piano guy, who was seated at the bar finishing his break between sets. We plopped down next to him, and Edie came over to chat about Anita’s love life and the hotel Edie was thinking of buying in Puerto Vallarta.

A couple glasses of wine came and went, along with pulled pork, potatoes and salad. Then Edie suggested that I go and sing with the piano guy. By that point, we were the only people in the place, so I headed over and took a seat on the bench next to him.

Lori singing

Then it became clear that I know the words and melodies to exactly zero songs.

Edie gave me a microphone, and I attempted to sing along to a Billy Joel song — about every fifth word.

For someone who can play the piano and sing, it’s completely ridiculous that I have no public use for these skills.

Oh well, in the end it didn’t matter. A good time was had by all.



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