Automation, Autodation

Right now I am living without my ATM card, and I’m down to $2 in my wallet.

I’m not sure of the last time I set foot in my bank. October, perhaps? I think I needed laundry quarters. (Which by the way someone STOLE from my storage locker in the basement a couple weeks ago….AARGH!)

I guess you could say I bank at Walgreens, where there’s always a Chase ATM. And I pay my bills online. So generally there’s no need to see a teller for anything.

Unfortunately, last Friday I stopped at Walgreens to get cash, got distracted during the transaction, and forgot to pull my card back out of the machine. Fortunately I realized this about 1 minute after I did it, so I immediately called the bank to cancel my card.

The problem is now that even though Chase has hundreds of locations in Chicago, all of them require nearly a mile walk (both from work or from home), and in case you hadn’t heard, it’s DAMN COLD here this week! Like -400 degrees. Boo hoo.

So much for relying on automation. Pretty soon the paper boy is going to come and demand his $2, and I’ll have to go dig pennies out of all of my stashed away purses. Hopefully that replacement card shows up soon.

Which leads me to why I was at Walgreens getting cash last Friday night. I was getting together with Matt #1, and I needed money for a cab ride.

Matt #1 is a classic example of autodation. First, we met on Second, 90% of our communication is in sentence fragment increments via text message. Which is great for knowing a person’s whereabouts, but hinders establishing much of a relationship.

This is exacerbated by my two-month-old Treo, which allows me to read all my e-mail, surf the web, send text messages, send photos, send video and of course call people.

So isn’t it ironic that my ATM card got sucked away while I was using it to actually SEE Matt #1 in person?

With my luck, I’ll probably accidentally drop the Treo in the toilet. And the relationship with Matt #1 will be flushed away forever.


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