Da Bears

In Chicago, even buildings speak. And with the Big Game coming up on Sunday, it’s only fitting that all the buildings downtown give a big “rah rah” to cheer on the hometown team.


On Super Bowl Sunday twenty-one years ago, when Ditka’s Bears killed the Patriots, I’m certain I was hanging out at the parsonage around the dining room table, playing Trivial Pursuit with Tricia, Jill, our moms and other ladies from the community, while the boys and men watched the game in the basement. Back then women didn’t really care at all about the game — the commercials hadn’t gotten interesting yet. (Another 9 years would pass before the Budweiser frogs would appear.) And let’s face it, yelling men were really annoying to listen to.

(Although, it was technically a quiet year, because the Cowboys weren’t playing. Poor Pastor Hartman, being a huge Cowboys fan, withstood much verbal grief about his team getting beat, but justice was served when the Cowboys made it my senior year in high school.)

This party was among my favorites as a child. There were 5-6 families from church that were good friends, and though we saw each other all the time at church and school functions, the Super Bowl party by far had the best food. Becky would make “Better than Robert Redford dessert.” Someone would make little smokies. And the sweets were ridiculous. Mmmm.

That year I loved the Super Bowl Shuffle, died laughing at the Saturday Night Live skit “Da Bears”, and generally knew the Bears players. Since we only had 5 TV channels, everyone was up on sports — it was all there was.

I’m still not sure where I’ll be for Sunday’s game. I asked someone last night if I’d be a total lame-o if I just took a nap at home by myself. That person proceeded to have a heart attack. Guess I’d better watch.


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