Hotel Snobbery

Tonight I’m in the Big Apple, and we just got back from dinner at The Orchard. Yum!

The Orchard

Fortunately it’s not quite as cold here as it is in Chicago — there’s a heat wave of a whopping 14 degrees. I was scheduled on an 8:30 flight this morning, which I missed by 3 minutes. I’m not sure what the deal was, but there wasn’t a cab to be found this morning. I started calling at 6:15, sat on hold for 30 minutes (mananged to take a shower and completely get ready in that period of time), and finally at 6:45 they told me there was a wait of at least 30 minutes for a pick-up. So I ventured out into the -2 degree morning with my suitcase in tow to take the bus, then the train. I made it to the airport 40 minutes in advance of my flight (amazingly), but there was a 30-minute security line, where the two 4 oz bottles I was trying to smuggle got confiscated. So by the time I got to the gate, it was 7 minutes until departure, and they’d just given up my seat.

FINALLY I made it to Laguardia at 2:00.

And tonight when I checked into the New York Palace hotel,, I realized what a hotel snob I have become. Long gone are the days when I was excited to stay at Econolodge on family vacation. Now I’ve come to expect down comforters, fluffy robes, turndown service and slippers. How spoiled I am.

My very favorite thing is the wake-up calls. They say, “Good Morning Miss Nelly, it’s X:00. Would you like me to call you again in 5 minutes?” And they keep doing this until I get my sorry butt out of bed. Ah, bliss.

It does seem ridiculous to spend upwards of $300/night on a room (fortunately I’m not paying), but the beds are honestly phenomenal. The Westin “Heavenly Bed” is always an outstanding bet, and I have to say, the one here at the Palace is giving it a run for its money.

I really hope someone doesn’t pull the fire alarm. 

(That happened to me when staying at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans. The funny part was that everyone just poked their heads out their doors and then went back to sleep. So much for an emergency!)  

Speaking of the Ritz, did you know they monitor what music you set your alarm on, what type of chocolate you pick off your pillow (milk or dark), the kind of nuts you eat and the side of the bed you sleep on? And then they customize it for you the next time you’re a guest.


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