Low Blood Sugar and Narcolepsy

When I was a child, my mother always wondered why I turned into Miss Crabby Pants if I didn’t eat. This usually happened right before dinner, and magically, after I ate, the unwarrented pre-meal drama was gone.

The whole Atkins thing didn’t become popular until I was out of college, so it hadn’t occurred to me that low blood sugar was the root cause of my rage until I went to the Community Health RV sponsored by the local Lions club during the fall festival in El Dorado. I’d eaten a meatball sandwich for lunch and felt perfectly fine when I went through the test cycle. When I got to the last stop, the nurse pricked my finger, told me my count was 49, and asked why I wasn’t dead. So I stopped drinking regular Pepsi and eating Eggos in the morning — and began eating lots of nuts, usually loose in the bottom of my purse.

Now I can generally avoid getting super crabby, except when I’m traveling and don’t think to eat.

Today was one of those days, except instead of low blood sugar manifesting itself in crabbiness, it showed up as narcolepsy.

This morning was filled with conference calls (with crabby people, no less) and I managed to get out of the office just in the nick of time to briskly walk to 42nd and 2nd Avenue and make the 1:30 start time of a four-hour meeting.  So much for lunch. Apparently I’d only put one Balance bar in my bag, and I’d eaten it for breakfast. I’d also stolen an apple from the gym, which I ate at 11:00.  So by 1:24, I was dying.

Unfortunately I was in a room of 100 VPs of New Business from all the agencies in our network, decked out in black suits, with massive amounts of gel in their hair. I was supposed to be networking. And I was nearly asleep. I didn’t think I was going to make it out alive, let alone with a stack of business cards from people I should’ve been meeting.

Good thing they had Sprite! And more Sprite! But at 2:45 I was still on the verge of dozing off as we listened to a panel of retail store experts talk about the “in-store experience.” Water! Diet Pepsi!

I started to come out of my coma around 4:00, which gave me just enough time to make up for the lost three hours of business card collecting. Phew.

At 5:00 I headed back for our office, while visions of greasy hamburgers danced in my head.

Ultimately I snarfed another Balance bar in my hotel room, threw on my jeans and headed for the local hangout (Maggie’s) with the peeps from my office. And there, like a pig to a trough, I ate.


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  1. 1

    Anne said,

    Wait soo do you have both narcolepsy and low blood sugar!? And is it common to have both, are they related to each other? Thanks sorry about the big questions, I’m just very curious to know more about both, cause I definitly think i mite have both! If you could let me know if thier related or alittle about them, then i would be very grateful! Thanks Anne

  2. 2

    Anne said,

    And lol i can for sure relate to the crabbiness and hunger of missing a meal…no fun! 🙂

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