Trevor, the Referee for the Hot Irish Dickies

Last night I was 10 minutes late for my volleyball game, and being tipsy on two glasses of wine, my depth perception was a little off. Which isn’t so good for a setter. Fortunately we won 2-1.

I’ve been playing indoor volleyball with the Hot Irish Dickies for about a year and a half now, and we really like the particular league we play in because there are paid referees.

It became apparent about a year ago that the ref, Trevor, was interested in me. Every time I was in the front row in the left hitter position, he’d chat me up and forget about the score. And last summer when I was on, I saw his profile on there, which was one of the main reasons why I didn’t post mine back then. Unfortunately my judgment was off over Christmas, and promptly after I posted my profile, I got a long e-mail from Trevor. 


I politely answered, thinking that would be the last word.

Interestingly, within hours of his e-mail, my teammate Lisa sent out an SOS saying our league was full! She’d called and begged for them to let us in, but to no avail. So she offered up a few other leagues as options.

Dan, our resident funny man, replied-all to her e-mail, saying that someone should really let our favorite old ref know why we weren’t playing this season.

I then made the mistake of replying-all that Trevor had just e-mailed me.

 A flurry of messages came back.

Jocelyn said, “Talk to Trevor, see if he can get us in. Sleep with him if you have to.”

While I didn’t go that far in taking one for the team, I did e-mail him and ask if he could pull any strings. Ultimately we got into the league, though Trevor said he didn’t have anything to do with it.

So now, every Thursday night I have to face Trevor, who is painfully aware that I’m not interested. And my teammates keep forgetting his name and calling him Travis. And asking me outloud how my boyfriend Travis is.


(And in case you’re wondering, a Hot Irish Dickie is a drink at our after-game bar, Ginger’s. Our bartender there is Rich, aka Dickie. Dan went in the bar one night, approached a guy at the bar who he thought was our teammate, and asked if he could buy him a Hot Irish Dickie. Unfortunately the guy wasn’t the teammate, and he wasn’t amused. His faux pas lives on as our team name.)

 Here we are playing on the beach:


Volleyball serve


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    […] scuttlebutt between the two parties began over the holidays, when Travis contacted Nelly via and asked her out. Nelly allegedly e-mailed two polite replies, then ignored him once he produced […]

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