Farm Girls Take Chicago

Last night, sitting in a pimped out white limo with 5 other primped up 30-ish girls, someone belted out the 4-H Pledge.

(And for once it wasn’t me.) 

Then another girl joined in to say it again, just as we were driving down Michigan Avenue past the Hancock Building at 12:30 a.m.

Could Kim have possibly anticipated the conversation to turn farmy during her bachelorette party? 

As background, Kim and I were destined to meet. When I was interviewing for jobs in Chicago, my first stop was at her old agency, where the HR director tried to introduce me to her to give me the sales pitch that “sure, you can live downtown and commute to Naperville without a problem!” (But she happened to be out to lunch — so I met her co-worker and roommate instead, who by the way was there last night, too.) Little did I know she was also interviewing at The Big Downtown Agency — where we both got hired. It took about 5 seconds to become friends. And on Tuesday, 7 months after I left The Big Downtown Agency, she’s coming to work with me at The Small But Mighty Downtown Agency. Yea!

Kim has three main groups of friends (college, old agency, Big Agency), most all of whom have met each other at one point or another. The common thread is that most all of us either grew up on a farm or in a small town. Kim’s family used to own a pig feeder manufacturing company. (Can you see why it was friendship at first sight?)

College friends:

college friends 

Old agency friends:

old agency friends

The Big Agency friends:

Big Agency Friends

Yesterday was about as “big city” as you could get.

We started the festivities with a 3:00 p.m. couples shower at a huge and spectacular 19th floor condo owned by Kim’s aunt’s parents.  It was an “Around the Clock” party, and I’d been assigned to bring a gift appropriate for mid-afternoon. So as we ate beautiful little appetizers and drank mojitos and sangria, they opened all sorts of fantastic gifts from Macy’s and Crate & Barrel. (Mine was “high tea” paraphernalia — a teapot and an appetizer stand.)

opening gifts

Then the girls split from the boys at 7:30, and we jumped in the fancy white limo with twinkly stars and neon lights on the ceiling. The cork was popped, and the champage flowed. And soon we were at LaSalle Bank Theater to see Twelve Angry Men. (Which despite the name and morose topic on such a joyous occasion, was really quite good!)

Our mobile lounge came back to pick us up, and we enjoyed hanging out in it so much that we drove a couple of the girls back north to pick up their cars, and then took our leisurely time getting to our first bar destination: Plush.

the farm girls

And that’s where we realized we were far too old to have a proper bachelorette party. (But the people-watching was hysterical!)

About an hour later we jumped back in our chariot and drove the streets of the loop eating blue ribbon cookies and down-home chex mix. And recited the 4-H Pledge.


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