The hometown paper

I’m convinced I grew up in Lake Wobegon — where, as Garrison Keillor claims, “the women are strong, the men are good-looking and the children are above average.” We ate Powder Milk Biscuits and Jello salad daily. We made the bachelor farmers blush and say “gawsh.” (Though my friends and I contend that the legendary Pearson brothers, our real-life bachelor farmers, were really just too bashful to come out of the closet.)

One of my favorite stories Garrison told was about the Lake Wobegon newspaper. Wherever he moved, the paper would just magically show up.

Mine hasn’t appeared quite so magically, but when I moved to Chicago, I asked my parents for a subscription for my birthday. It ran out, so over this past Thanksgiving, I wrote my check for $28 ($2 more than the usual rate, since I live out of state), and it’s now arriving weekly.

I’d like to think I wasn’t in a grousing mood this morning because it’s Valentine’s Day. (It was really because I had a virus on my computer that was driving me nuts at 6:15 this morning). But for whatever reason, I grabbed the two most recent issues as I ran out the door, to read on the bus. This instantly cheered me up.

The LRMJ is downright hilarious. Every week there’s something completely ironic that tickles my funnybone.

Today there was a very short article inviting citizens to come to the senior center to “meet the candidates” for the upcoming mayor and city council elections in the town of W. It listed four or so candidates for the council, and two for mayor.

In most any other circumstance, this would be a very normal article. The funny part is that the town has 135 residents, according to Even I, as a Chicago resident, can recite the family tree and political convictions of each of the listed folks. (And two are related to me.)

Personally, I think the event had everything to do with ensuring the town remains the “Covered Dish Capital of the World.” (You think I’m joking? Check

I didn’t get to the second issue until I got home tonight, but I got a good laugh from the “who’s who in kindergarten” section. One of the kiddos who lives in W said that when he grows up, he wants to be a Wal-Mart semi driver.

Well, at least I know where he can find a truck.


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    […] couple weeks ago, I reported from the frontlines of the political hotbed of W in my post The Hometown Paper. At that time, a “meet the candidates” forum was being held at the Senior Center for […]

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