The Year of the Golden Pig

Apparently Koreans are trying to have a litter in 2007. No kidding, they are expecting the birthrate to go up 10%!

Yes, tomorrow kicks off the Year of the Golden Pig — which unlike the average Year of the Pig that occurs every 12 years — happens only once in every 600 years. And children born in the Year of the Golden Pig are supposed to have enormous wealth and good luck. 

Grand Champion Piggy

Since we all know my personal mascot is a pig, I can already tell this year will be a good one. And a psychic predicted it, too.

Last October, my friend Chris (the one who thinks randomness follows me) schlepped me along to go to her psychic. Chris’s birthday is in October, and she’d used her birthday as an excuse to go see Ms. Linda for the past couple years. Both of us find astrology highly entertaining and know at a rational level that it can’t possibly be true, but we both agree that the predictions and descriptions are often uncannily accurate.

So I drove out to Downers Grove one chilly October Saturday in a rented white PT Cruiser (ick), picked up Chris, and we headed a couple villages over to Glen Ellyn to Linda’s place. En route Chris reminded me to jot down some questions to ask Linda at the end of the session — you get to ask two.

Linda lives in the middle of an 80s stucco-inspired subdivision where I’m sure all the living rooms are mauve and teal.  Chris walked up to the door while I observed from the car (where I was going to hang out for an hour), and a black-wigged 50-something bird-legged woman in a tunic and stirrup pants opened the door.

An hour later, Chris emerged, and I headed for the door. Linda welcomed me into her candle-lit kitchen, and tapped her long fingernails on her glass-topped table to signal me to sit down (while her black cat named Lily explored my purse). Then she took my blank cassette tape, pushed “record” and began my Tarot reading.

Here’s basically what she told me (without her knowing anything at all about me):

  • A close friend who has light hair and light eyes will get engaged.
  • My boss is a shrewd businessman.
  • I have three guys in my energy, two I met through work, with one of those a former sweetheart.
  • The other guy is who she calls a “king” coming from a westerly direction, at least 3-5 years older than me. Successful, creative, likely moving to Chicago for a job.
  • I’ll know who I’m getting married to within a year.
  • My money situation is good.

We had a hayday discussing our readings over lunch. (And strangely, when I was in the restroom at our suburban lunch spot, I ran into someone I went to high school with! 13 hours away from where we grew up, where we had 100 people in my high school! See why Chris says randomness follows me?)

When I got home, I immediately called Jenn to give her the full report. She insisted that we go see Linda so that she could get a reading, too.

So in January, Jenn and I set out for Glen Ellyn.

Jenn got freaked out by her reading.

Mine wasn’t as exciting as the first one, but Linda did repeat some things completely unprompted, without any record of what she said in October. And after listening to Jenn’s reading on tape, she definitely doesn’t say the same thing to everyone.

  • I have three guys in my energy, one a former sweetheart met through work.
  • I’ll know who I’m getting married to within a year.
  • The same story on the “king from the west”.
  • My money sitaution is good.

So, go pigs! Bring me some luck! And regardless whether she has prophetic powers, let’s hope Linda is right.


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    Dell said,

    Can you tell me where this woman is located? Do you know if she does readings over the telephone? I live in Dallas and it may not be a trip I could make just for a reading. Of course, to see a beautiful pig like yours would be worth it…my daughter goes to the University of Arkansas…Wooo pigs soooie.

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