Sunburn and Southfork

Ah, Dallas! I love that it’s nearly 80 degrees in February. And I love that I’ve had BBQ twice today.

In true old-school manufacturer fashion, busses picked us up at the crack of dawn to go to the assembly plant, where we’d be learning the ins and outs of dump trucks. (In advertising, nothing happens before 9.)

My mind was running in circles all night, and the Sleep-Number bed I was in didn’t do the trick. I woke up to my alarm in panic about all the stuff I needed to accomplish today, knowing I’d have to also give some semblance of paying attention during the training.

There were about 200 people in the viewing hall, and for whatever reason, my cell phone coverage was crappy.  So every time I needed to make a call, I had to go outside into the sunshine.

Oh damn.

At any rate, I ended up on the phone at least 2 hours today, pacing head down in zigzag fashion around the six dump trucks parked outside. And the back of my neck is now bright red. Hallelujah! Sun!

Overall, it was an interesting session, though the padding on my chair wasn’t thick enough to ward off a case of tired butt.

This evening they shipped us out to Southfork Ranch for round two of BBQ in the convention center there. Sidekick John and I walked over to the ranch house, where the themesong from “Dallas” was blaring on the patio. A classic Texas woman dressed in a bright pink pant suit greeted us in with a thickly accented, “Come on in, y’all.”

Though the interior was different from the show (given it was filmed in a studio), many of the exterior places were recognizable. But the best part was the master bedroom, which had a ridiculously huge floor-to-ceiling canopy bed right in the middle of the room.

J.R. certainly lived it up right. (Especially the pink jacuzzi bathtub in a completely mirrored room.)


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