Out with the boys

On nights like last night, you could say it’s a man’s world. But quite frankly, that doesn’t bother me. Men are low maintenance. You give a man a drink, a steak and some pictures of women in bathing suits, and he’s perfectly content.

I’ve been in New York since yesterday afternoon — entertaining and meeting with clients. Of the seven of us, six were men, dressed in blue and khaki.

Then there’s me.

We all met for dinner at Ben Benson’s, your quintessential NY steak house, with white table cloths, waiters dressed with “porter” jackets, enormous seafood appetizer platters (with plenty of oysters, of course), and beef. Lots of it. And wine.

Conversation centered around sports and business.

The clients were staying at the Hudson Hotel, known as a swank spot with teeny rooms. So after dinner we all went there to the bar, where we “bought” our way to a table by ordering a $375 bottle of vodka. More sports talk, more business talk. (See that couch? That’s where we were sitting.)

Hudson Bar

Fortunately I left before the real fun began.

This stands in stark contrast to last month, when my trip to NY was with girls.  That night we opted for dinner at a hip restaurant in the East Village, working out at the New York Palace, and getting our decaf skim sugar free vanilla 180 degree lattes.

On second thought, maybe I do like being with girls better. I seem to get a lot more sleep.


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