Things that tickle me about Chicago

This week the Olympic committee was in Chicago to hear the big pitch for 2016. So when I got to my office on Tuesday, I had a note on my lightswitch that told me to leave my office lights on and shades open that night.

Lit-up Chicago

There are a few things in Chicago that I always get a kick out of. The first is messages on buildings. Last night it said “Fight MS” on the building on the far right above, as well as in the diamond on the far left. It’s baffling that this coordination is possible.

Then there’s the architecture cruise on the Chicago River. I’ve done this at least five times, and I never get tired of spending an hour on top of a boat, sitting in the sun, hearing tidbits about all the great buildings downtown.

Another old favorite is having lunch or drinks at the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the Hancock Building. By day, you get to experience the the color and bustle of the city from above while enjoying a better-than-average buffet for $15. By night, you get to see the grid of lights that defines Chicago. I bet it’s super cool on July 4 to sit up there and watch all the fireworks shows in the western suburbs.

And finally, the lake. There’s nothing better than getting up on a sunny Saturday morning in the summer and taking a long walk along the lakefront, stopping to play volleyball a little bit at North Avenue Beach. Coming from the prairie, it’s so nice to have a place to go where you can look to the east and see absolutely nothing but wide open space — it just happens to be on top of water instead of crops.


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