A rose is a rose is a rose

Kelly called me today and wondered what I was up to for dinner. We decided to get together.

And what a treat to leave work at 6:30 in balmy daylight! Jeff gave me a ride over to Kelly’s and from there she and I decided to go to Pars Cove — a Persian restaurant in the neighborhood, which we’d both seen but never tried.

Pars Cove is one of those unassuming places with a maroon awning, where you have to walk down a few steps to get inside, as if entering a cave. I wasn’t sure what to expect. But to our delight, the main dining room felt like a cozy brick nook, where we noshed on hummus and the best pita EVER until Kelly’s roommate Shannon arrived to join us.

There were probably only four other tables of folks in there, so we got extra special attention from the reserved yet flirty waiter. So not only did we get an amazing free salad to share, we each had lentil soup and shared two entrees (including yummy shrimp skewers).

When we were done, he brought the dessert menu over, and we declined. So he said, “Fine, I’ll bring you ice cream.” And before we could say no, he showed up with three little dishes, each with a scoop of vanilla, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon. Yum! (When I was telling Jenn about it tonight, she said it reminded her of ChiChi’s fried ice cream, and I agree.)

As if THAT weren’t enough, he proceeded to bring us each the most fragrant fresh pink rose I’ve ever seen/smelled.

Total bill: $55. Amusement: Priceless.

Kelly and Shannon


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