A morning at Montrose Harbor

Yesterday I was in the suburbs at client meetings all day, and since I had plenty of work to keep myself busy, I waited out rush hour and headed for the city around 6:30. The fallacy with this logic is that I couldn’t make it back to the city in time to return my rental car — so I’d have to do it in the morning.

At 8:00 p.m., I was still sitting in traffic on Lake Shore Drive, and by 8:30, I’d driven all the side streets in my neighborhood 5 times trying to find a parking spot. I’d forgotten how bad parking can be on the weekends.

Since I was meeting up with Jenn anyway, I decided to head to her neighborhood instead.

Last night at 11:00, the parking outlook wasn’t much better. I finally found a spot right in front of my building after 30 minutes of driving around. Unfortunately that spot had an 8 a.m. expiration.

So this morning I got up just before 8 to return the car, and upon calling Enterprise, I learned they weren’t open until 9.

Hmm. An hour to kill.

I grabbed my camera, headed out the door, stopped for gas, and then drove the short jig to Montrose Harbor.

I had my parka on, but it was damn cold! I think it was in the 20s. But the sun was out, and so were the Hispanic fishermen.

Here’s what I captured.

lake 6

lake 5

lake 4

Lake 3

Lake 2

Lake 1

lake 7

Thoroughly frozen, I made my way back to the car, then proceeded to drive through droves of 20-something dudes in green already drinking bloody marys.

And I STILL haven’t ever seen the Chicago River dyed green.


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    Haystack said,

    If your writing stick breaks, grab for the shutter. Great Pics!! Professional Grade!!

  2. 2

    […] Jenn and I spent some time at street fairs over the summer, and the Old Town Art Fair was the event that kicked-off the summer — and reinforced that women in that neighborhood, well, regularly have augmentation. With the city springing to life, I enjoyd heading out with my camera to the lakefront (which was far prettier at that time than in the dead of winter). […]

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