A weekend sewing project

Last summer I volunteered to make flower girl dresses for Kim’s wedding, which is coming up in two weeks. One hot day last July, the two of us headed to Vogue Fabrics on Roosevelt to figure out what to make. We found the perfect smokey plum fabric to match her bridesmaid dress, and a cute pattern for a simple tank dress.

The fabric sat in the “unmade sewing projects” corner of my bedroom for about six months, and in January we measured the two girls so that I could get started.

Big challenge.

One is a teeny little stick of a five-year-old. The other, age 7, she’s — well, not so small. We’d bought the largest child-size pattern we could find, but after getting the measurements, it was clear we were going to have to improvise.

We spent a good afternoon over the MLK holiday working through what amounted to a big math story problem for the bigger girl’s dress. I decided to mock one up in muslin first so that we could be absolutely certain of the fit. So I dug through my own stash of patterns and pieced something together. (The little girl’s one was easy — she was exact to the pattern.)

Of course, operating on Nelly Time, I waited until just about the last minute to make the second dress. Yesterday I spent the whole day sewing (while watching a couple movies including “Keeping the Faith”, and about twenty shows on HGTV and E!). I ripped apart the muslin mock-up, cut the whole thing out, and put together the bodice. Today I put together the skirt and sewed the two together, so that we could trek to the suburbs for a final fitting.

Voila! It worked.

Dress 2

Dress 1

Now I just have to put in the zipper, and hem both the lining and the sheer overlay. (Mind you, this is no small task. The circumference of the skirt is gigantic!) The final touch is white trim of small organza flowers that will go around the neck.


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