A hotel with a phallic obsession

On Wednesday, after I retrieved the box for my meeting from the baggage claim, I headed to the bar at 21C Musuem Hotel to meet up with clients.

When the cab pulled up, it was clear the place was cutting-edge. Very modern and chic — something you’d expect to see in NYC, not Louisville. I walked into the bar, sat down with the four guys, and didn’t even see the 12 photos of boobs next to my head. About 10 minutes into the meeting, one of the guys asked me if the photos offended me, and for the first time I looked up to see what was on the wall.

There, each in 16×16 size, was a whole grid of black and white photos of a woman from the neck to the waist, naked, except for long black gloves. Each photo showed her “framing” her goods with her gloved arms in a different way. And her goods weren’t small.

As we were getting ready to leave, another guy asked if I’d seen the statues in the lobby. I couldn’t pass this one up, so I excused myself to the bathroom.

There were probably no less than 10 exposed penises in the lobby (on statues). Then, in the restroom, there was a whole write-up about voyeurism, explaining all of the little TV screens in the walls that had videos of people’s eyes, like they’re watching you.


And I thought I’d seen enough bizarre stuff in 24 hours.


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