Mullet Patrol

Ah, truckers. They’re such interesting fellows. And many of them have fantastic mullets — with the long part flowing to their waists.

Then there are the ladies pulling their little shopping carts around (or riding three-wheeled mopeds) asking for lapel pins from every manufacturer.

Tonight I went to the client’s customer event, which was held in conjunction with the Stars and Stripes pimped-out truck contest. You should see some of these rigs. Especially the tractors that are so low they can’t even clear a mouse. One even looked like a Gatsby-style convertible — with the 5th wheel hitch a good 10 feet behind the seats.

One of my clients took me for a tour of the “bobtails” (aka tractors without trailers), which were quite a sight.


After the chicken-n-biscuits-n-beer event in a steamy white tent, we headed to 4th Street — the bar district — and landed at Hard Rock. By the time a few of us escaped down the street to Makers Mark bar, a group of at least 30 had amassed.

And tonight became a repeat of last night — Lori with the boys, with the boys drinking whiskey and smoking cigars that smell like manure. Last night they made me taste their bourbon flights, but a cigar was completely out of the question. Tonight I managed to avoid both. Except the smell that is lingering like a cloud around me as I write.  


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    Stacy said,

    I had no idea you were at that show right now. I think Bryce’s Dad (Greg) is at that same show right now.

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