Starstruck at the Truck Show

Friday morning I set out from my sub-standard hotel room at 10:30, and once I got to the front desk, I learned that my cab had come and gone. Fortunately a green SUV taxi arrived just as I walked out the front door, and the driver was taking a couple guys to the Fairgrounds. They insisted that I ride along. (After I showed them some leg.)

Once at the show, I had about 40 minutes to accomplish two things:

  • Sit in a bunch of competitive trucks
  • Take a photo of a booth of a potential client

So once I stowed my suitcase behind the info desk in my client’s booth, I ran over to the west wing (far!) to take the photo. Then I ran back to the main hall to hop up in a bunch of different tractors.

It’s tradition for the Peterbilt booth to have ladies in evening gowns hanging out, and they even have a grand piano with ongoing entertainment. I’d heard about this day before, but I’d completely forgotten until I literally ran into the piano as I was leaping from truck to truck.

The skinny pianist was standing by the bench in full make-up and a bright red formal, and as I swooshed by, I realized it was Lorie Line! She’s one of my all-time favorites — even better than Jim Brickman.

I stopped dead in my tracks, turned around, and went up to her gushing about what a fan I am. I was a blubbering idiot.

Yes, you never know what you’re going to find at a truck show.

You can download sheetmusic or buy mp3’s at She has some great arrangements of old classics, show tunes and hymns. I especially like her Canon in D and Blowin in the Wind.


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