I have gas!

Saturday morning Mom, Dad and Brother DIY arrived with two bags of tools to save me from my laundry peril!

First order of business: scope the place, then sit down to make a plan.

Making plans

After searching around the building, lurking in the dank basement by the breaker box and snooping in every nook and cranny in my place, the experts decided to stay the course.

This necessitated cutting a hole by the tub, so that we could snake the pipe through the 8-inch discrepancy between the kitchen back wall and the tunnel in the tub.

Getting to work

We managed to make coffee in the mornings, but cooking was a little difficult with all my appliances in the center of the room.

Kitchen before

Mom kept busy hemming one of the flowergirl dresses (for the wedding this weekend — yikes!).

Mom hemming

After several trips to Home Depot, the pipe was finally all pieced together, and they closed up the hole.


Hole in wall

Good thing Brother DIY has every tool on the planet, and the expertise to use them. He did a super job mudding the hole.


Meanwhile Dad worked behind the fridge. And then he fixed the deadbolt on my front door.

Dad in kitchen

This morning we had a small panic attack when we realized the very hot running dishwasher didn’t have any water going through it. Fortunately it was only a kink in the water line — not a fried appliance.

Darren in kitchen

Once everything was done, Mom packed up the toolbox for the trip home.

Mom in toolbox

Mom, the ultimate painting perfectionist, make the hole look better than new.

Finished bathroom

Voila! I have an outlet! And gas!

Finished closet

Now all I need is permission from the board to drill a hole in the back wall of the closet for a vent…


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  1. 1

    Heidi said,

    I need to borrow Brother DIY. You are one lucky Nelly.

  2. 2

    DIY said,

    That was me that painted the hole, Mom matched the color….DIY

  3. 3

    […] big news, however, was that Mom, Dad and DIY came to Chicago to run a gas line and wire an outlet in my place for a washer and dryer. Hooray! (Unfortunately […]

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