Unearthed after a funeral

Funerals  have been a big topic in the past year. Almost all of my friends (and me) have had grandparents or family members die — all of which were sad occasions.

But in nearly every instance, we were able to find something funny.

For example, about 20 minutes before grandpa’s funeral (which was the day before my birthday), a friend of mine slipped me a birthday card that contained a half-naked man and a big bar of chocolate.

And when riding back from the cemetery after the burial, the pastor inquired about whether I’d paid out the $500 bounty to the person who finds me a husband. (I’d offered this to a kindergartner at a church potluck the month prior. The pastor happened to be sitting next to him.)

So a few weeks ago, Mom was at a funeral for a old man who used to live down the road. She ran into his granddaughter, who is my age and occasionally came to church events when she was in the area, and then we were in the same sorority in college.

The granddaughter asked what I was up to, and mom gave her the short story, but suggested that she check out my blog — she could google Galloping Nelly and find it.

After the funeral, it occurred to mom that if one googles Galloping Nelly, one might find porn. So she tried it.

Guess what she found?

Andover Roots.

Yes, my brother had been blogging for a month and hadn’t told anyone. The clue that called him out was referring to himself as the brother of Galloping Nelly. Word travels fast by horseback.


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    Pastor Tom said,

    Well, you heard it here folks – a $500 reward for anybody who can find
    Galloping Nelly a husband! Maybe we could ask the church council if they’d
    be willing kick it up to $1,000! Of course you are having so much fun –
    why spoil it with a husband?! :>) Pastor Tom

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