Karmic Connections

Yesterday was fully of bizarre connections. First, I ran into a man at the dry cleaners who I sat next to at a wedding about a year ago. Second, going to a wedding always reminds me that I’m completely baffled that anyone manages to get into a relationship, let alone get married! Third, last night over cocktails we discovered that Melissa’s boyfriend is good friends with one of my co-workers. 

And finally, in true Nelly fashion, I had a kiss-and-run incident with a wedding crasher from Greece who had his shirt unbuttoned to reveal his gold chain. Egads.

Yes, Kim and Garcia got married last night in a beautiful ceremony, followed by hours of fantastic food and dancing.

Jenn was my date. She picked me up in a cab, and fortunately the rain had temporarily stopped. As we rode along in our easter-egg-colored coats,  we contemplated the concept of marriage. (For about 5 seconds.)

In cab

The flowergirls looked adorable, if I do say so myself.



Pretty soon, it was time for Kim to come down the aisle.

Kim Aisle


We congratulated the couple and posed for pictures before stepping into cocktail hour.

Kim and Nelly

After the ceremony, Melissa (one of Kim’s college friends who I’ve known for a while) introduced us to her boyfriend. That’s when we heard he’d helped his college friend move that morning, and as they were carrying the excrutiatingly heavy hide-a-bed down the stairs, he told his friend that he was going to a wedding. The friend said “Is it Kim’s?” — competely in jest. They nearly dropped the couch when they discovered it was indeed the same person. It turns out his friend is my co-worker. (Kim works with us, too.) So by the time the boyfriend came to the wedding, he had gotten the complete backstory on Kim and the fact that I was still finishing the flowergirl dresses on Friday morning. 

We found our spots at dinner via place cards hanging on bottles of wine that Kim’s brother-in-law had “brewed”.


By the time the dancing started, we were all kinda silly from the wine. So of course when the two single guys were pointed out to us (and yes, there were only two), it took us about 2 seconds to place ourselves next to them. One was a friend of Garcia, and the other was a friend of the friend (though referred to by everyone as “the wedding crasher”). Soon we were all standing outside in the mist for a smoke break, then back inside by the bar, and before I knew it, the cheesy Greek was kissing me.

It didn’t take me long to escape from his clutches. Jenn and I grabbed our Easter-egg coats, we frantically said our goodbyes, and nearly made it to the cab without being seen.

But not quite. The Greek chased us down, knocked on the cab window as we were about to pull away, and begged for a phone number.

I gave him one. It was for the Windom fire department.


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    Haystack said,

    That could be interesting…

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    Ann said,

    Hey the dresses look great!

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    […] might recall from my post about Kim’s wedding that one of the wedding guests turned out to be good friends with my co-worker — and not […]

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