Being Dense

Last night I called Mom on my taxi ride home, and she’d spent part of the day at a health fair getting various screenings done. As you know, we northern European sorts are subject to fragile bones, and we started talking about bone density dilemmas. Specifically, how pop deteriorates bone.

She nearly scared me into never drinking cola again.

Apparently the sodium carbonate neutralizes itself in your bloodstream by drawing stuff out of your bones.

Let’s see. Over my lifetime, I’ve probably had the equivalent of over 15,000 cans of pop. It’s a wonder I’m not limp.

So far so good, though — my bone density screening last year came out fine. But apparently I’m at the end of my bone-making era. It’s all downhill after your early 30’s.

So, being dense is something to strive for. Yet it’s so easy to act dense and keep drinking Diet Pepsi, which I did again for lunch.


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    Tom Hallowell said,


    You hit a tender spot within my soul – I too have been known to drink a diet pepsi
    or two – for the last several months it has been lime flavored diet pepsi –
    now Nelly, you have a way with companies – maybe you could convince the
    Pepsi’s research & development department to manufacture a pepsi that
    would not disintegrate our bones > Pepsi stock would skyrocket, it would be
    the most popular drink in the world and lead to world peace! :>)
    Pastor Tom

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