Chatting About the Pioneer Woman

My dear friend Annette has been an avid blog- and message-board-reader for years. And I’m certain if there were a “Google-off” to name the champion of who can find information the fastest, she would take gold.

Over Christmas Annette turned me on to Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, and now I’m addicted. Not only am I addicted, but Mom and Dad are, too. In fact, we regularly discuss what Ree (aka Pioneer Woman) is up to on any given day.

This crazy woman has four kids, thousands of cattle and a bunch of hot dudes (including a husband dubbed “Marlboro Man”) running around her enormous Oklahoma ranch. Even better, she’s a city girl who ended up there.

A few weeks ago, Ree wrote that it rained. Lots. Enough to fill the empty ponds and ensure grass would grow for the summer. And she talked about how she didn’t realize how stressed she’d been about the situation until she experienced how relieved she was that there was finally moisture.

Right now people with wheat in Kansas are a little stressed. Yesterday I wrote about the grim reaper showing up, and indeed, people are sitting tight this week to see if the fields turn brown, or if they’ll manage to pull out.

Hang in there!


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    Annette said,

    I AM the Google Champion! Thankyouverymuch! 🙂

    I’m still drooling over the Mateo and sandwich post the other day. I don’t know which looked more yummy!

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