Randomness Follows Me, Part III

One would think in a big city like Chicago, you wouldn’t cross paths with people except your neighbors, work associates and friends. After all, there are 40,000 people per square mile where I work/live, and over 8 million people in the metro area.

You might recall from my post about Kim’s wedding that one of the wedding guests turned out to be good friends with my co-worker — and not only had he helped my co-worker move that very day, but he’d also heard all about the flower girls dress project.

Well, folks, this phenomenon has continued. Two incidents have happened in the past four days. The universe has a great sense of humor, indeed.

Case #1
Wednesday night I went on a first date. (A very good date, as it turned out.) We met for drinks at Landmark (loungey restaurant/bar) around 6:30 and ended up hanging around until about 10. Prior to this date we’d talked on the phone and gotten the low-down about each other, including the fact that he lived in Roscoe Village (a couple miles from me), and that he had a brother.

Somewhere on drink #3, we started talking about his family, his brother, and the fact that his brother is a doctor. I asked if his brother lives in Chicago. He replied that he lives across the street from him.

This story was sounding familiar.

I asked if his brother was a urologist.


“What’s his name?”


Turned out I went out with his brother about 2 years ago. That date lasted not much more than an hour, during which I neither embarassed myself nor touched him in any way.

Fortunately my date found this amusing rather than disturbing. I told him that for what it’s worth, I liked him better than his brother. He said it was funny to watch my contorted face as my mind made the connection.

(And not to get too convoluted, I clearly remember that there was a “near miss” when I went out with the brother. At that time I had just stopped dating a guy whose best friend was a urologist at the same hospital — and they all knew each other.)

Case #2
Not that I go to Landmark much, but one Saturday night at the beginning of March I was sitting there with a friend of mine, and I got a text message.

It was from Phil. Fortunately he said who he was, as otherwise I wouldn’t have known.

I’d met Phil about a year and a half prior, during a friend’s birthday party at a bar called the Hidden Shamrock. We went out a few times after that, and the pace with which he called me was infuriating.  We’d see each other, then it would be two weeks before he’d call again. After about 6 weeks I got annoyed and ignored him.

Six months later he sent me a text message, and knowing full well who it was from, I replied, “Who is this?”

So now, a year after his last attempt, I got this random text message from him. I replied with small talk. He called me the next day, and he ultimately suggested that we get together the following week, after he got back from vacation.

We got together on St. Patrick’s day and had a nice chat. After that we texted and e-mailed a little (initiated mainly by me), and then I once again got annoyed at his lack of effort and decided to ignore him completely. That was a couple weeks ago.

So last night I was going to Jenn’s house straight from work, and as I was leaving the office at 7:00, my co-worker Jeff was also walking out. He lives by Jenn, so we headed to the train together.

We happened to get on the purple line, since it came first.

We sat down. I looked up. And there, across the train car, was Phil.

Seriously, what are the chances?

I texted him, asking if he was listening to Beyonce on the purple line. He looked around and spotted me.

About 10 minutes later, just as the train was approaching his stop, he came over and said hi. We chatted for a minute, and then he left.

It’s so funny when people squirm.

Conclusions, anyone?
Take your pick:

1. Chicago is a small town lurking on the map as a big city

2. I am the star in God’s version of “Saturday Night Live”

3. I made all this up for you, my dear readers


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