A Life in Pictures

I’m not sure exactly when I first got interested in photography, but it was likely back in high school, when I was on the yearbook staff.  We learned all about aperture and gobbeltygook, had our own darkroom and got to enlarge whichever pictures we pleased.

After that, I didn’t pick-up a camera much until I started working in advertising. Since 2000, I’ve been on a number of photo shoots (which are completely boring and not nearly as glamourous as you imagine), and I’ve seen how photos are shot with different light, different tricks and different angles to capture just the right mood. (The best trick I’ve seen is to get reflective wallboard from Home Depot and use it to cast light on the shadows.)

I bought my first digital camera in 2003, for the project I’d cooked up to land my first Chicago advertising job (click here for the story). It was an Olympus D-560 3.2 megapixel point-and-shoot camera that took great photos and was easy to use.

It died last fall. (May it rest in peace.)

So two days before I was scheduled to fly to Italy in December, it occurred to me that I had no camera! I’d been thinking about getting an SLR (single-lens-reflex) camera for a while, as it offers a lot more control over photo conditions than a point-and-shoot, yet has automatic settings for when you want to be lazy. You have to use the viewfinder, which is showing you the actual image to be taken — reflected off a mirror.

That Wednesday night I stayed up late researching cameras, and ultimately I placed an order through Beach Camera  (highly recommended!) for a Canon Rebel XT. And despite the crazy blizzard two days later (my departure day), Fed Ex delivered the camera promptly at 10 a.m.

I love it. I couldn’t be happier.

Now, the Pioneer Woman would say the Nikon D-80 is the bomb. And I agree, it is indeed a better camera. But it’s a few hundred dollars more — which is why I stuck with Canon. And the battery life is amazing on my camera. I can get several hundred shots and go a couple days without recharging.

My only complaint is the viewing screen size, which is bigger if you upgrade to the Canon Rebel XTi. The original XTi’s didn’t get great reviews, but since December Canon has come out with a new edition, which I hear is fantastic.

I just added a page with some of my favorite photos from recent trips. Click here.


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