At 6:00 tonight, I should’ve been leaving work to get to my condo association meeting on time. After all, my future as the proud owner of a real washer and dryer was on the line! At 6:20 when I actually DID leave the office, I contemplated whether I should take a cab.

I decided to take a chance on the bus.

Bad choice.

The bus was packed. I was smashed up against the door. And after a mile, the bus stalled in the middle of Lake Shore Drive. The driver let the air out of the brakes about 10 times, fiddled with accelerator and then finally turned off and restarted the bus. Fortunately we were back underway in just a few minutes.

When we got near my exit, the bus stalled again, in even worse traffic. This time it took about five minutes for the driver to get the bus moving. Meanwhile a big gomer was hissing in the driver’s ear to let him off the bus, right there in the middle of speeding traffic. A petite girl chimed in to silence him, with the argument that it might cause the driver to lose his job. An argument ensued.

We moved about 40 feet onto the exit ramp and had to stop due to a traffic light. We once again stalled. Another bus pulled up and stopped next to us, and we were fully blocking traffic for a good five minutes.

The good news is that the next time we had to stop, it was at my corner.

I made it to the condo association meeting just in time.

There I managed to avoid being elected president. However, I did concede to being installed as the “at large” board member in hopes that my generosity would serve as a bribe to let me cut a hole in my wall for the dryer vent.

It worked.

Only two installations to go: washer, dryer.


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