It’s difficult to justify buying a dress — you just don’t wear them that much. Yes, I know dresses are particularly fashionable this season, but given then I’ve bought at least 5 in the last two months….well, you know.

In Vegas I had the luxury of shopping with Jenn (aka Fashion Plate), and on a whim I tried on this dress:


Call it hideous, call it obnoxious. Maybe call it a mini muumuu. I call it fabulous.

Granted, my legs are half as long as those of the model. (But I’m sure I can make up for it with my massive chest.)

Today Jenn left me a message that Saks was having a one-day super-discount designer sale. The dress was there, marked down 40%. It was 6:50 p.m. when I picked up the message, so I likely wasn’t going to make it to the store before it closed. (Then I proceeded to get home from the office at 11:45. Ugh.)

So I looked at Saks online, and they only had two sizes — neither of which was mine.


Then I looked on eBay. It’s there. In my size. Calling my name. At a price somewhat less than retail.

(I can hear Mom shrieking. She wouldn’t ever wear a print, for fear of being recognized. But I think she’d be kinda cute in this get-up. Maybe I will share.)


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