ROTC Practice

I live on the cusp of Boystown. OK, maybe not the cusp…I’m kinda in the thick of it. So on the weekends, my neighborhood turns into a parade of male couples strolling along with their dogs. And on the last Sunday in June, my living room turns into the viewing suite for the Gay Pride Parade.

Yesterday evening I was walking home from work and heard a Madonna song blaring from the schoolyard across the street from me. Then I saw the ROTC holding their first practice of the year.

The ROTC in my neighborhood isn’t what you’d think. It’s the Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps, an award-winning, all-male precision rifle performance group. Yes, 30 dudes in shorts twirl white wooden rifles to tunes like “Mickey” and “It’s Raining Men”.  They take their practices very seriously. Then they march in the Pride Parade.

Later in the evening I was reading my new Time Out (weekly “what to do” magazine), and they happened to have an article about the new director of the ROTC.

I giggled when I saw his name was Rhett. Fortunately it’s not the Rhett I’ve been kissing. Phew.


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