Surrounded by Southpaws

Until I started working at my current agency, I’d come across left-handed people here and there. But starting my first week, I noticed a good number of co-workers writing with their left hand (especially among our fearless leaders). And after an unscientific poll, I’ve identified that probably 30% of our office is left-handed, and there are a good number of my clients who are, as well.

I just Googled the topic, and consensus among the highest-ranking sites is that about 15% of the population is left-handed. 

Does this high rate have something to do with being in a creative profession, you ask?

There are indeed claims (some with proof) that lefties are more creative.

There’s a wealth of other “scientific” info on this topic, claiming everything from lefties being more mentally ill, to being better in primitive combat fighting. Check out Wikipedia for an overview.

All I know is that I don’t want to sit to the left of one at the dinner table, since I’m already prone enough to knock over my drink with my flailing hands.


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    Mary E said,

    Because Lynn is left-handed, I remember talking with the 1st grade teacher, Mrs.
    Cordell; she shared one of her observations throughout her many teaching years. She
    was convinced that southpaws, while not necessarily being more intelligent as such,
    were certainly children with more and better vocabularies as they came to her class….
    might go along with being more creative as well.

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