Some things should just be white

Wednesday I was out at our client’s office with a couple of my co-workers, and when it came to be 5:00, Mark suggested that we go out for dinner instead of putting ourselves into the stream of stalled rush hour traffic.

So I suggested we head to downtown Naperville, and surely we could find a decent place to dine. None of us was entirely certain how to get there, but given that I’d been there a couple times before, I volunteered to lead our caravan of three. This led to a flurry of heckling text messages en route from the driver at the tail end of group, questioning my ability to lead us there. (Very safe, I know.)

At any rate, we made it there without a hitch and dined at an old school steakhouse (where the girls were dressed in short, tight black outfits).

I was getting worried that this outing wasn’t going to produce a blog topic. But then I went to the bathroom.

Lo and behold, when I walked into the stall, a big black toilet roared at me.

Eeek! (1) Why do people even manufacture black toilets, and (2) who actually buys one? (And if you own one, I apologize for this rant.)

My gym has tan ones, and there’s always something shocking about seeing them. You just expect a toilet to be white.

This reminded me of a trip I took to New York about five years ago to visit my friend Daphna. I was ill. So she fed me tea with honey and lemon at least 10 times a day. And it was then that she explained that she insists that cups have a white interior. Otherwise how can you see what’s in there?

Call it paranoia, call it practicality, call it what you want. But now, every time I pick up a cup to make tea, I always go for the ones that are white.


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