Weekend in K.C.

Last weekend I went to K.C. to visit Brother DIY and Michelle.

Though I had Friday off, I was the one running late to the train for the airport. (Surprise!) Then we nearly went to Manchester, having simply followed the Southwest mob rather than reading the signs. Phew.

The first night we stayed up late eating pizza and drinking Coors Original. 

Saturday we went for a run, and I showed off in the park by doing my first round-off backhandspring in probably 7 years.  Then we blew all the calories we’d burned off by eating Mexican for lunch.

Later that evening we headed to Royals stadium for a game, where we were among the lucky fans who received Paul Splittorf bobbleheads at the gate. (We’re already planning how to regift these at Christmas.)

The Royals were ahead, until the Mariners hit a grand slam in the 4th. Crap.

KC 3

(DIY wasn’t too happy about the play.)

KC 4

But at least it was a beautiful night and the fountains were running. And it didn’t rain until we were on the way home.

KC 5

The next day, Mom and Dad arrived, and Michelle’s sister Carey and her husband Tyson joined us for lunch. We talked about placenta and the fact that some people eat it. (Ooops, I think I brought that one up. BUT I should also note that placenta came up again on Monday night when I was at dinner with R.S.’s family — and it wasn’t my fault!)

DIY and Michelle were scheduled to have their 5-year-anniversary pictures taken Sunday afternoon, but they canceled due to the general mayhem in their house. So I took one for them:

KC 55

Then on to Mom and Dad…

KC 62

They’re so much cuter when they’re not posing…

KC 61

Monday we went to visit Heidi, who is moving with her family to London later this summer!

Then it was off to the airport.


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  1. 1

    Ann said,

    Ok, you forgot to mention that at one point you could have been an Olympic hopeful from Kansas! So, those arent just any old back flips!

  2. 2

    Heidi said,

    I’m SO glad you guys stopped by. It was great to see you and Murphy left us alone the rest of the day!

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