Millennium Park

Every morning I walk into my office, hang my jacket behind the door, plop my purse down by my file cabinet and take a look out the window while changing into my heels.

This time of year, my 37th floor view is excellent. I get to look down on Millennium Park, which has been open about 3 years now. It used to be a railroad yard. It’s also the site where Dad was nearly bitch slapped by a Democrat who overheard him making a pro-Bush comment in 2004.

Office 3

That’s Michigan Avenue right there in front of the buildings.

Office 2

(Well, these pictures aren’t so excellent, given that I took them with my Treo. Normally the lake is quite nice to look at.)

Office 1

Here’s a picture from the other side of the park, looking back towards my office building. That big face is actually video, and every few minutes water spits out of the person’s mouth. (The faces change.) It’s a mecca for unruly children in bathing suits.


That funky bandshell is by Frank Gehry, the same guy who did the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain:


If only I could sit and stare out the window all day…


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