Miss Saigon

I’m drying load number 5 of laundry in my damp basement, but I made the best of one of the many treks downstairs by heading across the street to my favorite bookstore: Unabridged Books. They have an excellent travel book section, and my mission was to find some preliminary information on Vietnam.

Jenn and I have been casually talking since our Italy trip about where we’re taking our next vacation. Last winter we were talking about either Peru or Southeast Asia. We quickly eliminated Peru — heard Machu Picchu was cool, but everything else was pretty gross there. So now we’re down to either Vietnam or Thailand — or perhaps both.

I know nothing about Vietnam, except that we had a war there in the 70s, and that there’s a musical called Miss Saigon. (How appropriate — I’m watching the Tony Awards right now.)

Oh yeah. I forgot. The whole reason I want to go to Southeast Asia is so that I can have my crazy clothing and shoe designs made for cheap while I wait.

Though the bookstore carries nearly every major travel book series, there wasn’t a lot of selection on Vietnam. My favorite series is Lonely Planet, and The Rough Guides aren’t bad either. Neither one had a book on Vietnam. So I shuffled over to the Fodors section, which had WAY too many photos (I like to read more than look). Then finally I found a Frommers one that looked to do the trick.

Interestingly, a rather shy and matronly young woman was being stalked by a very drunk dude while I was in there. Just as I got in the store, she was talking to the manager, who proceed to escort the zig-zagging guy out. Then the guy tried to come back in, and ultimately ended up hanging around outside. She said she didn’t know him. How weird.


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