Sorority Rules

Today I got a forwarded e-mail from Heidi about a potential reunion for the Thetas that live in K.C.  These come up every couple years or so, and it’s always fun to read the chain of e-mails that precedes the official invite for an official reunion date.

This got me thinking about rules (or guidelines) we had when I lived in the house (my one short year). And also some of the funny things that happened.


1. You must wear shoes on the main floor. (Apparently being otherwise naked was fine.)
2. Boys allowed only in the date room, living room and dining room. Note that there was only one TV in this whole space.
3. There’s no clapping — only snapping.
4. You have to wait two weeks after a sister’s break-up to date her ex-boyfriend.
5. Phone and door duty is mandatory for pledges.

Fond Memories

1. Stacy’s car being smashed by a boat that flew over from the TKE parking lot
2. Requiring Fijis who came within 5 feet to give us kisses because they had “invaded our personal space”
3. Barn party. Enough said.
4. Finding Stacy in my bed on a regular basis
5. Heidi’s tip that earplugs are the cure for insomnia
6. Having our moms in for the weekend, putting them to bed, and sneaking back out until sunrise to sit in the AGR hot tubs
7. Swing dancing at Longhorns with boys in starched Wranglers
8. Eating until we were bloating during finals week — while watching Mary “study” with one of the members of the football team
9. Houseboys
10. The ridiculous babydoll dresses we had to wear for rush while we sang “Let’s Go Fly A Kite.” Seriously heinous — mine was stars and stripes. And to think I actually chose the fabric! Mommy made it for me.

And last, but not least, dressing up as Grizabella (the old wise feline) for our rendition of “Cats” for rush. Just as I hit the part in Memories where all the seniors were crying, my tail fell off. I promptly tied it around my waist and finished the song without cracking a smile.


Our parents were very pleased with our sorority upbringing. It turned us into fine, upstanding women.



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    Stacy said,

    I’m sitting at my desk, laughing out loud! Did we really ever look like that? Was I really that skinny once? What’s with the cigarettes. Oh, I hope Maverick never finds this picture. However, we always had a good time. Tattoos, Belly Rings, Hancuffs and all!

    Miss you.


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