A Rude Awakening

At 8 a.m. I emerged from my drooling haze to the sounds of the sky falling. My first thought: a small plane is buzzing the building next to me. Then it got louder. Surely a 747 was going to incinerate me in a matter of seconds.

So I jumped out of bed, tugged on the roller shades, and saw a huge helicopter hovering over the building next to me. The trees and lamppost banners were flapping wildly in the storm of dust.

The helicopter squatted down towards the street with a bungee cord, and pretty soon, it lifted up an air conditioner and plopped it on top of the new health club they’re building behind my place.

Seriously, 8 a.m. on a Sunday?  People were yelling out their windows — so loud that I could acutally hear them over the chopper noise.

heli 96

heli 97

Check out that wind:

heli 98

heli 99

\heli 2

heli 1

Then it  flew off into the sunrise.


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