Go figure, the one time my horoscope is actually RIGHT, it was a crappy one! Here’s what my most trusted source said (Elle Magazine — major quality):

On the 15th, Mercury goes retro for three weeks, suggesting that travel may be a bit of a science project during this period and involve numerous last minute changes. Transportation in general could be complicated and almost more trouble than it’s worth. At moments like these, you’d rather be a pedestrian instead of a slave to your vehicle. It’s good to have a Plan B ready to implement so that you won’t be stranded should transportation arrangements go down the tubes.

Yesterday wasn’t quite so hideous — only a two hour delay (one of those was on the runway). Today, however, was a nightmare. I left our NY office for the airport at 1:45, and got to LaGuardia at 2:15. The good news was that I was able to get on the 3:10 instead of my scheduled 6:55 flight. At that time the 3:10 was already delayed to 3:40 due to thunderstorms west of NY.

We ended up boarding at 4:00. At 8:00 we took off. Yes, that’s FOUR hours of sitting on the runway. Fortunately I had nice people next to me (I was in the middle seat, of course), and they shared their high-fat chips. I got home at 10:15. I think it would’ve taken less time to fly to London.

But, there are a few things on the bright side:

  • The 6:55 flight was canceled, so it’s a good thing I went to the airport early. Otherwise I would’ve either had to fly directly to Fort Wayne tomorrow (without a change of clothes), or had to get up at the crack of dawn to get back to Chicago in time to leave for Fort Wayne at 1:30.
  • We had a really, really fun meeting today, which I can’t talk about! They will do me in if I speak.
  • Last night we took clients to dinner and then had drinks on the roof of their hotel — The Dream Hotel (competely serious about the name).  It was a great terrace that overlooked Times Square. The weather was perfect. But the Petron was a killer.
  • Today was my one-year anniversary at work. My how time flies.

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    […] had it. A few weeks ago you wrote that I would have ridiculous travel delays for the next three weeks. And unfortunately you must be in cahoots with the Man Upstairs, because […]

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