Delays, Part II

Wednesday after lunch I jumped in a 15-passenger van with 6 other agency folks to head to Fort Wayne. We sang camp songs and snacked on Twizzlers for 4 hours, then checked into the Marriott before heading to dinner.

We should’ve know that a detour was inevitable when the hotel gave us a little card with pre-printed directions to the restaurant. We followed the directions exactly — and ended up 30 minutes in exactly the opposite direction of the restaurant. So, what should’ve been a short 10 minute drive to dinner ended up being a major trek.

Dinner was fantastic. That night was Club Soda’s maiden voyage of their new (and huge) awning covered deck. The weather was beautiful, and the food was excellent.

The next morning we headed out at 7:37 (EDT) for our day of meetings.

At 4:00 we headed back towards Chicago. An hour and a half into the trip, I heard something hit the van (a rock or something). Then the back driver-side tire started to hiss like a snake.


Fortunately we were only 1/4 mile from a grody truck stop. And when we got there, the tire was as flat as a pancake. We blondes stood back and assumed the two guys with us would take over — which they did, bless their hearts.

tire 2

Just as we were surveying the damage, a snaggle-toothed 20-something dude pulled up in a hubcapless red Celica and whipped out his jack to help us out. Good thing. The guys were having a terrible time getting the cable undone that held the spare up underneathe the van.

tire 1

Finally, after 30 mintes of finagling the very rusty nuts/bolts, they got the tire off, put the new one on and started to bolt it down.

tire 3

Oops, one broke off. Then they couldn’t get the nut on the bolt next to the broken one.

I called dad. He called Dan. Dad called me back, said it was fine (that’s before I said the nut wouldn’t go on.) Then I told him of the real situation. And that we were going to drive on it anyway.

(Just what a dad needs to hear.)

We made it back to Chicago without a hitch — at 9 p.m. (CDT).  Six hours after we left Fort Wayne.


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    Ann said,

    So, you chose to pass up the opportunity to show up the men , I know darn good and well that you know how to change a tire! All farm girls know that! Did not want to embarrass them did you? Well, see you on Saturday!

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