Pride on Parade

Sunday was the annual Gay Pride Parade. Here’s the view from my skybox (aka living room) before the parade started.

parade 1702

Last year I hosted a viewing / “housewarming” party for the event, and I was a little bummed that I was scheduled to have guitar lessons right during the pinnacle of the parade. Fortunately teacher Bob called and said that he’d rather spend the day partying, so I was free to spy on the crowd with my camera.

Yippie-kai-ay! Ride ’em, cowboy.

parade 1709

The parade brings out all the crazies. Not only that, it makes normal people act kinda crazy. It reminds me of Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras (though I’ve never witnessed it in person). People bring their coolers and lawn chairs. And they walk around with colorful frozen foo foo drinks in clear plastic cups. (Then they barf on the wall in Panera while we innocent people stand behind them.)

parade 1714

parade 1723

parade 1724

parade 1725

parade 1728

Strange as it might seem, there were plenty of straight couples cuddling up while they watched.

parade 1731

parade 1733

This guy was sad that he couldn’t ride with the Dykes on Bikes. He tried his best to fit in, though.

parade 1736

Man? Woman? Both?

parade 1739

parade 1742

parade 1750

My friend Shannon was with me, and this little guy latched onto us. If you look into his eyeball, you can see our reflection.

parade 1757

Bob Barker would be proud. (Clearly no spaying or neutering was in effect here.)

parade 1765

parade 1770


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    […] to chauffer me to the airport, which proved to be a bit more complicated than normal, given the Pride Parade happening directly outside my window — and blocking cross-town traffic for a good mid-section […]

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