Fashion Show

For most of my trip, I’ve been frozen in this position. (I didn’t realize this photo existed until I downloaded a bunch this evening. Silly mom.)

Farm 164

On Monday afternoon we got a nice break when various visitors dropped in. The first group was one of dad’s “landladies” and her family, who stopped though on their way from Houston to Minneapolis for their teen daughter’s Jr. Olympic volleyball tournament. Interesting visit. Her husband works on oil rigs in the Persian Gulf — one month there, one month at home.

The next visitor was Collette, aka “Pastor Lady” — though it’s her husband Tom whose name graces the church sign. She was out for a walk with her dogs in her cool wide-brimmed camouflage hat. We sat down at the table on the deck and started yapping about what I’d worn to church on Sunday, which led to a fashion show of the dress I’d bought on Saturday.

Just as I was taking it back off, I saw a whole row of my old 4-H projects hanging in the closet, so I decided to try one on for kicks.

This one I made after 5th grade. Still fits! (Sorta.)

Farm 156

The next one was my very first sewing project, which I finished hemming in 1984 just as Mary Lou Retton landed her perfect 10 vault. The judging was the next morning. I was 9. I tried to put it on, but I could only get it over my head. Rats.

Farm 163

Here comes the parade of the hideous outfits…

This one I made after 6th grade. I clearly remember buying the fabric while I was at gymnatics camp in Houston at Karolyi’s. We’d just run into Kristi Phillips (national chamption gymnast) and her mother outside the store. I was starstruck. (Perhaps that accounts for my very poor taste. You’d think I was homeschooled.)

Farm 157

I think this getup came next…after 8th grade. I got second place that year in the fashion revue, to a dowdy girl in a straw hat. (I’m sure she paid off the judges because she was pissed that I’d beat her 5 years running. They said I was too plain.)

Farm 158

Egads…it gets worse. This one was the summer after my Freshman year, I think. Let’s just forget this thing exists. Or perhaps I can donate it to Frumpy Women Anonymous.

Farm 159

This one I technically didn’t make — Mom did. I just did all the sequins. I have to say, it was nearly a carbon copy of the one I saw in the magazine. It was my prom dress my junior year.

Farm 162

The good news is that I can still fit into most of this stuff. The bad news is I ate a carmel nut sundae last night before bed, a McDonald’s cheeseburger for breakfast, pizza for lunch and Mexican for dinner.


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    diane said,

    What a fun trip down memory lane of your 4-H fashions. How utterly awesome that you can fit into most of them.

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