Biking to Saturday Lunch

Saturday morning, Kelly left me a message while I was still half asleep asking if I’d like to “do something active.” I called her back, and said I’d love to — after I took another 1.5 hour nap.

Two potential setbacks: (1) I hadn’t pulled my bike out yet this year, and I was sure the tires would be flat. (2) Jenn still had my common area key from when she watched my cats, which I would need in order to get to my bike in the basement storage locker.

Fortunately chatty neighbor Diane was stirring around in her mound of s#&* that occupies every inch of available common space in the basement when I went downstairs, so I was able to grab my bike and head for Johnny Sprockets for air. And a bike helmet. (I’ve been putting off this purchase for four years. Silly, really. We about crashed twice just in this one trip.)

Then I took off to meet Kelly and Shannon on the lakefront.

evanston 1

We’d decided to go to Evanston for lunch, then take a swim on one of the North Side beaches on our way back home. It was about 7 miles one way. And it was 90 degrees. And Kelly is a speed racer. I about died.

The lakefront path is perfect until you reach Hollywood Ave — then you have to cut up city streets for the last 3 miles to downtown Evanston.  Once we got there, we opted for lunch at Le Peep (which Kelly only recently learned was a chain).

On the way back, we stopped at the Evanston beach, then headed on to Kelly’s favorite “hidden beach” on the cusp of Rogers Park. (I’ll spare you the bikini pictures. My white skin might as well be reflective material.)

evanston 2 

evanston 3

By the time we got home, I was exhausted. What a great outing!


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