The car(t) before the horse

At 2:57 this afternoon, I was nearing the end of my leisurely 1/8 mile walk home from the gym, and I noticed a sign on the front gate of one of the big houses on my block:

Garage parking space for rent, $175/month with opener.

It’s the perfect location. Literally three doors down from my place. AND it’s cheaper than the going rate of $195 in the public garages two blocks away.

This is a dream come true, except for one thing: I don’t own a car.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I’ve been carless for over four years now. Most of the time a car is more trouble than it’s worth, especially in my neighborhood, where you’re certain to drive around for 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot on any weekend night. And it’s a big expense, even compared to taking cabs on a fairly liberal basis.

Last fall I’d given some thought to getting a car, and then ultimately decided the costs far outweighed the benefits.

But a month ago, the psychic-detective-entertainer at Jenn’s “girls night” told me I would be getting a car soon, and it would be either black or green.

Perhaps this is fate?

I still haven’t decided on the car, and it will probably take me several months to come to a conclusion. But, by that time it will be cold and snowy in Chicago, and there’s no way I’d get one without a garage nearby.

So…to call about the garage, or not to. That is the question.


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