In Honor of Grandpa

Of all the people I know, no one made a bigger deal about one’s birthday than Grandpa. Every year, around July 14th, Grandpa would not-so-covertly remind everyone in the family that his birthday was on the horizon (July 26th), and that everyone would be expected to drop everything immediately to plan for a large picnic celebration with burgers and homemade ice cream.

So, yesterday was Grandpa’s birthday. Unfortunately this is the first birthday he spent resting six feet underground while meandering somewhere other than this earth. But it seemed completely appropriate that I had a work outing to the White Sox game, since baseball was one of Grandpa’s passions. (Perhaps we’ll see him wander out of the corn someday?)

We were Royals fans growing up, of course. And every couple years he and Grandma would schlep us grandkids to K.C. for a ballgame. And even until about 10 years ago, we’d occasionally all make the trek to a game, to his great delight.

Back to now. A few months ago, one of my co-workers pooled his “reward” money with another monetary prize won by our office and suggested that we all take a half-day off work for an “off-site.” Being that at least 82.5% of my co-workers are from Detroit, it was quite appropriate that we go to the White Sox / Tigers game.

So we set out at 11:42 to take the Red Line down to the “Cell”.

game 1

We made it an hour and ten minutes before the game, which meant we could get 2 for 1 hot dogs. And beer. And ultimately ice cream. Then we discussed our porn star names. (Mine is Princess Dakota…which happens to be the same name as for my brother. Ha!)

game 3

Though it rained in the morning, the comfortably warm weather held for the afternoon. With overcast skies, to boot (which was good, considering we were sitting in the left field nosebleeds).

game 2

Then it was off to Melvin B’s Truck Stop for drinks.

 And for the record, Craig was the one who brought up the topic of eating placenta. Not me.


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    DIY said,

    Wrong. Andy Dakota. – DIY

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