Library Encounters

One of my favorite Saturday activities is going to the library. This is nothing new — I’ve been in love with books since I memorized The Clumsy Cowboy at age 4. (I’m sure I couldn’t read then.) And there happens to be a branch of the library on the back of my block.

As an aside, I’ve decided that I’m not a big fan of being outside on summer afternoons. I’m tired of sweating. I just spent the entire weekend sweating, given that I don’t have A/C except in my bedroom.

So I’ve decided not to feel bad about sitting in the air conditioned library for a couple hours each Saturday afternoon, reading magazines and browsing books. This week I caught up on Fortune and Forbes, as well as People. (Unfortunately the library is too high brow to subscribe to Us Weekly, which is my personal favorite.) There was a great article about Caterpillar in Fortune, and a superb article about Hue (city in Vietnam) in National Geographic Traveler.

And I picked up three really terrible chick lit specimens. I’m sure my mind will be poisoned forever.

But what I didn’t pick up was Frank.

I went on a date with Frank a couple months ago, and though he was a very nice man, there wasn’t really a love connection.

As I was walking through the periodicals to find a comfy seat in the bright light, I saw a dude sitting a couple tables over. Hmmm…familiar. Then it occurred to me that it was indeed Frank, confirmed by his Brewers t-shirt (he’d been living in Milwaukee). I contemplated whether I should move to a more obvious table to see if he would recognize me. But I opted to hang in my little cubbie hole.

Two hours and six magazines later, my blood sugar was at an all time low. So I darted to the circulation desk to check out my three books, then walked half a block to find some food. I opted for a salad place instead of Chipotle (difficult decision, let me tell you). As I was paying for my salad, lo and behold, Frank walked in. I asked him if he’d been at the library (duh). We chatted a little about what he’d been up to, and had an overall very nice conversation.

Fast forward a few hours. After cleaning my bathroom with the toothbrush of an ex-boyfriend (wickedly giggling to myself the entire time), I decided to traipse down the street to look for a bedside table at World Market. I got hung up buying a dress in American Apparel, and as I exited, who should I run into? You guessed it. Frank.

Three times in one day.

I suppose it isn’t all that strange, considering he lives three blocks from me.

But then again, when Jenn and I were sitting in a sidewalk cafe on Friday night, I’d seen another former date walk by.

I think I’m being stalked by the ghosts of


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