A Crush on Kelly

I don’t know what’s wrong with my friends in Chicago, but none of them like country music! What the hell?!?!?

I don’t think I even started listening to country music until college, and I’m sure it had everything to do with Longhorns, the only bar in Aggieville that was 18 to enter. We danced all night with the cute cowboys, and suddenly I was in love with swing dancing to Fishin’ In the Dark with a certain Mr. Phelps. It’s not the first genre I flip to now when I’m listening to the radio, but I am proud to admit that one of my favorite TV shows is Nashville Star.

Allison Krauss songs seem to suit me best when I’m playing guitar, so a couple weeks when I was searching for “look-a-likes” on iTunes, I came across Kelly Willis.

Then I learned last week that she was playing at the Old Town School of Folk Music on Saturday! Yippee! (That’s where I take lessons.)

All my friends were booked last night (or so they said), so I headed out by myself to the concert. I’d never been to this particular Old Town School location, and I was worried that the concert might already be sold out. So I  jumped on the train and got there about 30 minutes early — plenty of time to get one of the remaining tickets.

Jesse Sykes opened. Blah.

But then Kelly came on with her band, and she was fantastic! Imagine Reese Whiterspoon on stage, with an even better voice. She just released a new album last month called Translated From Love. Apparently it’s been five years since her last album. Hear her tunes on her website www.kellywillis.com.


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