Girls’ Night Out

Jenn’s on the board of a Chicago organization that helps abused children, and on Monday night she invited five of her BFFs to the second annual Girls’ Night Out fundraiser.

It was held at Carnivale, a hip restaurant in the West Loop, known for its Mojitos and guacamole. (I had a stomach ache by the end from the chips.) We got our little gift bags from Neiman’s (wrinkle cream), avoided bidding for Oprah tickets in the live auction, and shopped the tables of jewelry and purses.

Our group was an exercise in a twisted version of the Kevin Bacon game — everyone knew each other in two ways. Jenn works with Kathleen, who had serendipitously just met Stephanie on Saturday night at a swanky BBQ in Winnetka.  Kelly used to work with me, but now she works with Stephanie, because one night Jenn and I were out with Kristin’s husband (who is one of Jenn’s vendors and works with Stephanie), and he mentioned he needed to find a salesperson. We recommended Kelly. Phew.

Carnivale 2

Carnivale 1

Carnivale 3


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