Weird weather

As Roger (one of our creatives) keeps reiterating, this is one of the rainiest Augusts ever. And this was confirmed on the radio yesterday as I was coming out of a not-so-deep slumber — it’s in fact the 11th rainiest August on record.

Today was particularly weird. This morning it was sunny, and I even had a big conversation with my cab driver about the fact that there wasn’t rain in the forecast for this afternoon. (Clearly he was wrong.)

This afternoon I was holed up with 12 people in a new business pitch in an interior conference room on the 35th floor of our building. The five potential clients were the senior management of a fairly conservative company, who we’d never met before.

Around 3:30, we heard a big creeeeeak. I’d heard our building creak before, but not this loud. It did it a few more times. Everyone was looking around uncomfortably. I could feel the building moving.

Pretty soon we heard some static over the building’s security intercom, and a guy came on saying, “Attention all personnel. This is building security. I REPEAT, this is building security. We are under a tornado watch. Do not evacuate. Proceed to the interior hallway.”

You can imagine the shock of our guests. It was all very surreal. For a moment there I thought we were going to die in a terrorist attack.

So everyone just hung out in the hall — CEO of our potential client and all — sitting Indian style and singing Kum Ba Ya for half an hour.

Come to find out, it was actually a tornado WARNING. How nice.


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