In need of a tune-up

My karma has been weird. But I think it’s on the upswing. (Despite the fact that my bike ride downtown this afternoon was fraught with chain-coming-off-spoke problems and a general inability to find a damn route that went directly from one place to the other. Sigh.)

Last weekend I literally laid on the couch all day Sunday, unable to move. I think I had a bug or something. By Wednesday I was feeling better, but everything just seemed to be so difficult  to accomplish.

I just need to get out of the city and break my routine. So I started thinking about going to Kansas over Labor Day.

I looked at flights. $560. Eeek. I looked at the train. 13 hours. Eeek. I thought about driving. 13 hours. Eeek.

I had nearly resigned myself to the fact that I would be in Chicago for the long weekend, when Mom called this morning telling me the whole gaggle of family from Dad’s side would be out at the farm. And I was invited. (This made me laugh, since as far as I’m concerned, I still live there — why would I need an invite to my own house?And after all, I do know the security code, which is only necessary for the 10 minutes a week the house isn’t locked.)

I whined that my only option left was Priceline. And most likely I’d end up with 6 am flights.

But I went for it anyway. And to my great luck and surprise, I got EXACTLY the flights I wanted, for $278! My karma has certainly taken a turn for the better.

So barring any work emergencies, I’ll be back at the ranch on Friday.


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    shane petty said,

    hey lori whats up? your cousin mandy directed me to your site and i figured i would stop by and check it out, seems pretty cool. how is life treating you these days?

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