Friday Night Lights

When we first arrived at the farm on Friday afternoon, Mom mentioned that the high school football opener was that evening. I hadn’t been to a game in years — since college, I think.

The “sports complex” is about a half mile from the school, and a few things had changed in the past 12 years. There were nice big aluminum bleachers! A nice concession stand! And they were shaving away the side of a row of trees in the baseball outfield, making it a proper place for the soon-to-be-added baseball team this spring. (We were a four-sport school when I was there: volleyball, football, basketball, track.)

After grabbing sloppy joes and chips (fundraiser for the After Prom Party), we headed for the stands to watch the game.

football 704

That’s where everything was exactly the same — same families, same jerseys, same coach, same 8-man game, same cheers. Ah, to be back in high school!

football 1

 football 692

football 690

The game got off to a rough start, with two players sustaining game-ending injuries. One (whose brother plays for K-State) got hauled off to the emergency room. That all happened in the first quarter. The poor quarterback suffered through having his shoulder popped back into place.

football 702

During the first half I spotted my old cheerleading coach a couple rows down, so I had a good ole chat with her.  That was 16 years ago. Now she has three girls on the squad, and she’s once again the coach. 

The cheerleaders performed at halftime. There are 12 this year — apparently it’s en vogue, unlike when I was in high school.

 football 710

football 717

During the second half I chatted with a couple of my classmates, who have both had “mini me” kiddos running around. I’ve known both since, well, birth. Acutally, Trustan (left) joined our class of 27 or so in second grade. But Mike was in school with me the whole way through. (Out of the 27 I graduated with, 20 of us had been together since kindergarten.)

football 722 

Here we are in 4th grade:

class 736

(I called out Annette and Heather, since they were the other two people I saw this weekend.)


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