I just finished watching last night’s episodes of My Boys on TBS. I love that show. It’s set in Chicago, and it’s about a gal who’s a sports writer covering the Cubs and her posse of guy friends.

EXCEPT, right now I am irritated that the show ended with a big loose end. Now I have to wait 6 whole days for it to be resolved. Pair that with The Pioneer Woman’s seventy-five-year-yet-to-be-resolved serial about how she met her husband, and I’m seriously pulling my hair out.

This is all compounded by the fact that I have to write a marketing plan by Thursday and a song by next Tuesday. Now you’ve got a girl who has the hairstyle she had as a toddler: Bald.

Back to the story.

PJ (main character) is leaving for Italy in 3 days, and she still doesn’t have a date. She’s going with her best friend Stephanie and Steph’s boyfriend. And the whole point of the trip when the girls planned it six months ago was to both have dreamy dates who would accompany them and sweep them off their feet.

The day before the trip, PJ decides she’s done looking for a date — she’s going solo. And out of nowhere, as PJ and her boy-clan go sightseeing in Chicago (Ferris Bueller style), she runs into 3 old flames who all are free for the next two weeks and offer to go.

But PJ stands her ground. She’s not taking anyone. That is, until Stephanie convinces her at dinner that it’s ridiculous to not “take a risk on love”.

The last scene is PJ frantically getting on the plane at the last minute. She exclaims to her friend that she took the advice and invited someone, but he didn’t show up. She is completely frazzled as she puts her suitcase in the overhead bin. Just then the flight attendant shows up and tells her that a gentleman has upgraded her to first class, and there’s a glass of champagne waiting for her.

And OF COURSE, she walks to first class, says “You made it,” and we never see which guy it is.


So all of this conjured up memories of my year and a half search for a dreamy date to Italy. I had the house, I could get the plane ticket in a snap. But despite inviting several apostles over the course of that 18-months, no one panned out. Then I made the wise decision to take Jenn. And as you know, we had a fantastic time.

So nice, in fact, that we’re going to Vietnam in two months. Yea!

(But I still need someone to take me to St. Bart’s…in case you’re volunteering.)


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